Special Projects Services

Special projects demand a breadth and depth of expertise and hands-on knowledge that many electrical service contractors lack. Our team is adept at working through unique situations or one-off projects with skill, ingenuity and integrity. Currently, this division’s areas of specialization include:

  • Fast Repairs & Maintenance – For urgent repairs, we are structured for quick and effective service, regardless of the size and scope.
  • Remodels & Tenant Build-outs – We specialize in electrical installations for commercial remodels or tenant build-outs, including offices, medical facilities, restaurants, retail space and more.
  • Plant Maintenance – To improve and maintain your ideal power supply, we can perform new installs or implement ongoing maintenance programs.
  • Lighting – From energy-efficient solutions to LEED-compliant installations, we specialize in cost-effective new and replacement lighting for indoor, outdoor and emergency situations.
  • Power Distribution Panels – We take on repairs, upgrades and replacement panes to properly modify power supplies and maximize their efficiency.
  • Rewiring –  Older wiring can be both hazardous and noncompliant. We replace worn or out-of-date systems to ensure everything is up to current safety code.
  • Safety & Code Compliance – We perform complete electrical safety and pre-purchase inspections to ensure compliance.
  • General Electrical Work – From simple receptacles and switches to a complex overhaul, we help you determine exactly what’s needed for any and all general electric work.

Our Inspiration: Indian Gospel Mission

The Indian Gospel Mission (IGM) is a public charitable society dedicated to work among the less privileged citizens of the country without discretion of caste, creed, color, or sex.

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